Takeout is

a boutique consultancy that provides innovative solutions to business challenges through the power of our enviable network of entrepreneurs, academics, artists, advocates, and visionaries of all kinds.


We focus on the new: helping our clients find new revenue streams, new markets, new partners, and new lines of business.

Consultancy built
for the
creative economy

We don't write strategies and leave. We provide our clients with the contacts they need to make their ventures happen. In that respect, we are a consultancy that also serves as a

talent agency for brainiacs

with a special emphasis on pairing small, smart startups with well-connected big corporations. We bring you talent to go.

and support many social causes
Our founder Judith Clegg is a Co-creator of The HANDS OFF Campaign.

With deepest gratitude to The Divine,
Cher Chevalier and her Team who are the source and inspiration for Takeout’s GOOD values and GOOD works.
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CIC business into excellence with the Compassion in Commerce Training Programme - a modern guide to success through acme - based on the new book: Compassion in Commerce - The Power of Good Business.

Co-authored by Cher Chevalier and Judith Clegg

We are Plant-Based!

Fixing the
Feedback Loop

Our Staff in

New York & London
is unique in that each consultant has multiple types of experience, so we can analyze a problem from all angles:
takeout is backed by a network of
4,000+ brainiacs

from around the world. On each assignment our consultants open the company Rolodex and pair rockstars with CEOs, social anthropologists with nanotechnologists, startup founders with tenured professors. By taking your business challenges to our brain trust and seeking their thoughts and advice, we can offer truly unprecedented insight into the world of today and tomorrow.

Our core staff has advised major companies as blue chip consultants, run departments of major companies as C-level officers, and started their own companies. as award-winning entrepreneurs.


"If what you want is an injection of ideas, energy, entrepreneurial flair, contacts and total commitment to make a business successful, then you really do want to work with the team at Takeout."

Dan Salmons | Barclaycard

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House Specialty

Meet our sister company, The Glasshouse, founded in 1998 to provide support, encouragement and inspiration to entrepreneurs across all sectors.

"Glasshouse events bring style and wit for the entrepreneurial set, you can't chuck a brick without hitting a mogul or a maven."

Jim Buckmaster | Craigslist