What Our Clients Say

Rather than spending weeks agreeing to the approach, they got the idea and hit the email and phones. Within a matter of days we had meetings set up and activity underway, which developed our concept far faster than any amount of theoretical discussion. Their "second lives" as entrepreneurs give them a market awareness and contacts that are in a totally different league of the consultancies I know.

Dan Salmons
Director, Global Innovation

At Microsoft, we have worked with the team on many occasions to help meet our goal to connect with the very best of the UK start-up scene. Being entrepreneurs themselves, they know their stuff, and I value their insight and opinion.

Bindi Karia
VC / Emerging Business Lead

I hired Takeout for an unusual innovation project, with the aim of creating entrepreneurs out of Civil Servant communicators. I knew that their offer was unique in terms of their unrivaled knowledge of the digital landscape and connections but nothing could have prepared me for the exceptional results they delivered for us at a great value.

Alex Butler
Transformational Strategy Director

When we were back in the UK, Takeout did more than anyone to help us with our first fundraising for Boso. We owe them massively.

Harjeet Taggar
Founder, Auctomatic
Venture Partner, Y-Combinator

[Takeout] helped the YO! Sushi Board to visualize the future and map out key steps on the way. Their energy, insight and intelligence inspired the team to both confront issues and push the possible and 'achievable', Judith has been a great friend and support to our business on its relentless journey from start up to popular brand.

Robin Rowland
CEO, YO! Sushi

One of our biggest challenges is to prepare and warn communities in flood-risk areas. It could literally become a matter of life or death. Takeout has provided us with new perspectives on the ways in which digital and social media could engage those at risk of flooding, helping us to develop better services. Their insights into the digital world, ability to deliver quickly on a brief and contacts with key players will prove invaluable to our future work in this area.

Alex Ross
Head of Media & Corporate Communications
Environment Agency
In the Media